Thematic work through art?

Do you want to work with art as a tool for learning?

Let us help you.

Welcome to our website based on the Erasmus plus project “Get Creative with Art Online”. It is a key Action 227-project with EU-funding.

The partners are from the UK, Greece, Italy and Sweden and the material is translated into the languages represented in the partnership.

By working with artworks from National Museums we can work together with pupils from different ages on themes like “Nature” and “Our World”. We help pupils develop their knowledge and understanding of different topics.

We offer training courses on this material so that you and your colleagues can plan your teaching depending on pupils´ ages. See:


More courses available for those who have got EU-funding- we tailor the courses according to your wishes.

We have earlier arranged courses on the following topics:

  • Leadership / Management
  • Early Years
  • Outdoor Education
  • Gender
  • ICT

We have a long experience of arranging these courses and we can also assist you with job shadowing, planning , accommodation etc….

Please contact us for further information:

Christina Erenvidh

Maggis Odstam